First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Product Description

The First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Location is a revolutionary device that detects both smoke and carbon monoxide in a single unit. This alarm is designed to provide maximum safety and convenience for your home.

Wireless Safety Network

The SCO501CN-3ST alarm can interconnect with up to 18 other First Alert enabled alarms in your home, creating a wireless safety network. This network ensures that when one alarm detects smoke or carbon monoxide, all alarms in the network will sound, providing early warning and allowing you to take immediate action.

Advanced Sensors

The photoelectric smoke sensor in the SCO501CN-3ST is designed to reduce false alarms caused by cooking smoke or shower steam, while remaining highly sensitive to real danger. The electrochemical CO sensor detects carbon monoxide leaks from multiple sources, including faulty fuel burning appliances. With these advanced sensors, you can trust that the SCO501CN-3ST will provide accurate and reliable detection.

Voice Location

One of the standout features of the SCO501CN-3ST is its voice alarm with 11 programmable locations. When the alarm is triggered, it will not only sound a loud 85 decibel siren but also announce the location and type of threat. This feature allows you to quickly identify the problem area and take appropriate action.

Easy Installation and Operation

Installing the SCO501CN-3ST is a breeze. It can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall using the included mounting bracket. The battery-operated design eliminates the need for complicated wiring, making it suitable for any home. The EZ access battery drawer allows you to change the battery without removing the alarm from the ceiling.

Additional Features

– One-button silences a false alarm and tests the unit, ensuring its proper functioning.
– Loud 85 decibel alarm ensures that you will be alerted even in the noisiest of environments.
– First Alert, a trusted brand in home safety, has been providing reliable products since 1958.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this alarm be interconnected with other brands of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms?

No, the SCO501CN-3ST can only interconnect with other First Alert enabled alarms.

2. How often should I replace the battery?

It is recommended to replace the battery every 6 months to ensure optimal performance.

3. Can I install this alarm in my RV or boat?

Yes, the battery-operated design makes it suitable for installation in RVs, boats, and other recreational vehicles.


The First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a reliable and convenient solution for protecting your home from the dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide. With its advanced sensors, wireless safety network, and voice location feature, you can trust that this alarm will provide early warning and help you take immediate action in case of an emergency. Invest in the safety of your home with the First Alert SCO501CN-3ST.