Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large (8 pcs in Bag) 6″

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Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large (8 pcs in Bag) 6″

Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large (8 pcs in Bag) 6″

Are you a nursing mother looking for the perfect breast pads? Look no further than Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large. These pads are designed to provide comfort and convenience for breastfeeding mothers, ensuring a worry-free nursing experience.

Comfortable and Convenient

One of the key features of Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large is their comfort. Made from soft and breathable materials, these pads are gentle on your skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort. The large size of the pads, measuring 6 inches, ensures maximum coverage and protection.

Additionally, these breast pads are highly absorbent, effectively preventing any leakage and keeping you dry throughout the day. The pads are also discreet and thin, making them virtually invisible under your clothing.

Easy to Use

Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large come in a convenient bag containing 8 pads. The bag is compact and portable, allowing you to easily carry it in your diaper bag or purse. Each pad is individually wrapped, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness.

Using these breast pads is a breeze. Simply remove a pad from the bag, peel off the backing, and place it inside your bra. The adhesive strip keeps the pad securely in place, allowing you to move freely without any worries.


  1. How often should I change the breast pads?
  2. It is recommended to change the breast pads every 2-3 hours or whenever they become wet.

  3. Are these pads reusable?
  4. No, Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large are disposable pads.

  5. Can I wear these pads overnight?
  6. Yes, these pads are designed to provide overnight protection and comfort.


Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large are the perfect choice for nursing mothers. With their comfort, convenience, and absorbency, these pads ensure a worry-free breastfeeding experience. Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort with Mojopanda Maternity Breast Pads-Large.