Motion Pro 08-0113 T-Handle Metric Socket Set

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Motion Pro 08-0113 T-Handle Metric Socket Set

Motion Pro 08-0113 T-Handle Metric Socket Set

Are you tired of struggling to reach tight areas with your regular socket set? Look no further! The Motion Pro 08-0113 T-Handle Metric Socket Set is here to make your life easier. With its slim outside diameter, you can easily access those hard-to-reach places without any hassle.


  • Durable nickel pewter finish
  • Deep 6 point sockets
  • Includes a vinyl storage pouch


  • 8mm T-Handle
  • 10mm T-Handle
  • 12mm T-Handle
  • 13mm T-Handle
  • 14mm T-Handle
  • 17mm T-Handle
  • 19mm T-Handle

Easy Access to Tight Areas

The slim outside diameter of the sockets in this set allows you to easily reach tight areas that are otherwise difficult to access. Whether you’re working on a car, motorcycle, or any other machinery, this T-Handle Metric Socket Set will be your go-to tool.

Durable Nickel Pewter Finish

The durable nickel pewter finish not only adds a sleek look to the sockets but also provides excellent resistance against corrosion and wear. You can trust that this socket set will last you for years to come.

Vinyl Storage Pouch

Never worry about losing or misplacing your sockets again. This T-Handle Metric Socket Set comes with a convenient vinyl storage pouch that keeps all the sockets organized and easily accessible. No more searching through your toolbox for the right size!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this socket set for both metric and standard measurements?

A: No, this socket set is specifically designed for metric measurements. If you need a socket set for standard measurements, you will need to purchase a separate set.

Q: Are the sockets in this set 6-point or 12-point?

A: The sockets in this set are 6-point, which provides a better grip on the fastener and reduces the risk of rounding off the corners.

Q: Can I use these T-handles with power tools?

A: These T-handles are designed for manual use only. Using them with power tools can cause damage to the handles and sockets.


The Motion Pro 08-0113 T-Handle Metric Socket Set is a must-have tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional mechanic. With its slim design and durable nickel pewter finish, you can easily access tight areas and trust that the sockets will last. The included vinyl storage pouch keeps everything organized and within reach. Don’t let tight spaces slow you down – get the Motion Pro 08-0113 T-Handle Metric Socket Set today!