SHIDU Voice Amplifier for Teachers and Coaches

September 16, 2023 By

SHIDU Voice Amplifier for Teachers and Coaches


The SHIDU Voice Amplifier is a portable and versatile device designed specifically for teachers and coaches. With its powerful sound output, comfortable microphone headset, and Bluetooth connectivity, this amplifier is perfect for a wide range of applications, including teaching, presentations, fitness instruction, and more.


Adjustable and Comfortable Microphone Headset

The SHIDU Voice Amplifier comes with a super light and comfortable adjustable wired microphone headset. The headset can be easily adjusted to fit any head size and does not cause discomfort even after extended use.

Quick and Easy Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing your Bluetooth device with the SHIDU Voice Amplifier is quick and easy. Simply turn on the amplifier, enter Bluetooth mode, and turn on the Bluetooth on your device. Search for “SD-M800” and connect. The amplifier will provide a voice prompt confirming the successful connection.

Wide Application

This portable Bluetooth voice amplifier is perfect for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for outdoor activities, teaching, singing, coaching, presentations, fitness instruction, yoga, elderly care, tour guiding, and for individuals with soft voices or Parkinson’s disease.


  • Output Power: 18W
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V, 4400mAh
  • Charging Voltage: 5V, 1A
  • Charging Time: 3-5 hours
  • Working Time: 10-12 hours (depending on volume)

Key Features

New Upgraded Technology

The SHIDU Voice Amplifier features Bluetooth 5.0 EDR chip for faster and more stable signal transmission. It also has one-touch Hi-Fi recording, an OLED screen, and a patented appearance. The amplifier has a stylish, ergonomic, and comfortable design and supports AUX connectivity, allowing it to be used as a speaker with a PC.

Powerful Sound

Despite its compact size, the SHIDU Voice Amplifier delivers crystal clear sound with 18W output. The amplifier is loud enough to cover a room with a large group of up to 400 people. Its stable performance is perfect for amplifying your voice without straining your throat.

Waterproof Design

The SHIDU Voice Amplifier is IPX5 waterproof, making it resistant to gentle water spray and splash. Its smooth anti-fingerprint fabric design rubber exterior protects the amplifier from scratches and impact. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor activities such as travel, hiking, beach trips, and even in the bathroom.

Adjustable Microphone Headset

The microphone headset included with the SHIDU Voice Amplifier is lightweight and adjustable. The flexible gooseneck allows you to easily adjust the distance between the microphone and your mouth for optimal comfort and performance. This makes it convenient for teaching, training, presentations, and other activities.

Warranty and Support

The SHIDU Voice Amplifier comes with a worry-free warranty. The company offers a 30-day return and refund policy, as well as a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. This ensures that you can purchase the amplifier with confidence and have peace of mind.


The SHIDU Voice Amplifier is a versatile and powerful device that is perfect for teachers, coaches, and anyone in need of amplifying their voice. With its comfortable microphone headset, Bluetooth connectivity, and waterproof design, this amplifier offers convenience, flexibility, and durability. Whether you are teaching a class, giving a presentation, or leading a fitness session, the SHIDU Voice Amplifier is the perfect companion to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear.