Wall Mount Bracket for Your USTEPS Ladder

October 7, 2023 By contact@shigop.com

Wall Mount Bracket for Your USTEPS Ladder

Wall Mount Bracket for Your USTEPS Ladder

Are you tired of tripping over your ladder or struggling to find a suitable storage space for it? Look no further! Introducing the Wall Mount Bracket for your USTEPS ladder, the perfect solution to keep your ladder secure and easily accessible.

Convenience and Safety Combined

With the Wall Mount Bracket, you can say goodbye to the hassle of storing your ladder in a crowded garage or shed. This innovative accessory allows you to mount your USTEPS ladder securely on any wall, freeing up valuable floor space and keeping your ladder within reach whenever you need it.

Not only does the Wall Mount Bracket provide convenience, but it also enhances safety. By securely mounting your ladder on the wall, you eliminate the risk of it falling over or being knocked down accidentally. This is especially important if you have children or pets around who might accidentally trip over a freestanding ladder.

Easy Installation

The Wall Mount Bracket is designed for easy installation. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions provided, and you’ll have your ladder securely mounted in no time. The bracket is compatible with all USTEPS ladder models, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific ladder.

Space-Saving Design

The space-saving design of the Wall Mount Bracket is a game-changer. No longer will you have to sacrifice valuable floor space to store your ladder. By mounting it on the wall, you can utilize the vertical space in your garage or shed more efficiently.

Additionally, the Wall Mount Bracket features a foldable design, allowing you to collapse your ladder neatly against the wall when not in use. This further maximizes space and keeps your ladder out of the way, reducing the risk of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can the Wall Mount Bracket be used for ladders other than USTEPS?
  2. No, the Wall Mount Bracket is specifically designed for USTEPS ladders and may not be compatible with other ladder brands.

  3. What is the weight capacity of the Wall Mount Bracket?
  4. The Wall Mount Bracket has a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds, making it suitable for most USTEPS ladder models.

  5. Can the Wall Mount Bracket be used outdoors?
  6. Yes, the Wall Mount Bracket is made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. However, it is recommended to provide some protection from direct exposure to rain or extreme weather.


The Wall Mount Bracket for your USTEPS ladder is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to increase convenience and safety. With its easy installation, space-saving design, and compatibility with all USTEPS ladder models, this bracket is the perfect solution for storing your ladder securely on the wall. Say goodbye to cluttered garages and sheds, and enjoy the benefits of having your ladder easily accessible whenever you need it. Invest in the Wall Mount Bracket today and experience the difference it makes!